Are you interested in learning new skills such as Web Development, Graphic Design, Illustration, 3D Modeling, or any other tech-related careers? Do you find traditional education ineffective or perhaps even counterproductive? Most importantly, are you interested in building a community with like minded people and collaborate with them?

Well then you’re in luck! That’s what Whiz Kids was created for. It’s the amalgamation of the past 2 years of effort to teach myself these skills independently. It’s based on psychological principles that I personally found useful. Whether you are a college dropout, currently enrolled, or just want to learn something new, this is the place which you can share that experience.

Join me on this journey so we can succeed together!

How it works

Whiz Kids is a different form of learning that is collaborative and peer-driven in nature. Collaborative/Peer Learning has been shown to be more effective for a variety of reasons. If you are like me and found that your education in school was less than satisfactory to your interests then you should find this program especially useful. I will be sharing every step of the process as I learn these skills. I will be updating this blog with original content, relevant information, and learning progressions.

Getting Started

Best of luck, In my next few posts I will be going over what exactly it will take to become a super effective learner and the underlying philosophies of this learning method.


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